Discover how training once every 4-7 days for just 12-15 minutes can achieve uncompromised results
Program one is a minimalist approach to muscle building based on proven High Intensity Training techniques.

It contains a comprehensive video guide demonstrating staple exercises which covers all the elements of correct lifting form.

A workout log is included so that you can track your progress across time.
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Forget all the fad nonsense of the fitness industry and learn how to lift with perfect form in a manner that allows accurate measurement so you know exactly when to increase weights.

Learn how a minimalist approach gives you laser focus on what really matters for achieving tactical results in minimal time.

Minimalism requires hard work but this guide will show you the exact routine that helped me recover full strength in 8 weeks after a 12 week pause from training post-fracture - where I performed this exact workout every 8 days.
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